The road leading upwards from the “Sources” in Meskla brings us, after approximately 6-7 kms, to one of the most picturesque mountain villages of the Platanias Inland: Zourva. It is a small village with very few permanent residents but which attracts very many visitors due to its remarkable natural beauty and the incredible view it has to offer but also due to the unbelievably tasty food served in its traditional tavernas-cafes. The village is perched on the mountain tops and, wherever you stand , you can enjoy a magnificent view of all the surrounding mountains, the whole “Keritis Valley”down to the beaches of Hania. On the right as we drive up from Meskla the view of another village clinging to the mountain tops leaves us breathless. It is the historic village Lakki at an altitude of 550 metres.
Both the road leading upwards from Meskla, as well as the road traversing the village and for some distance after the exit of the village, is lined with huge cypress trees. However, there are also olive trees, apple trees, pear trees and-at some points-even vineyards. Zourva itself is heavenly for nature lovers as are the many paths leading from the centre of the village to various points of incredible natural beauty. They are charted and absolutely safe for trekkers. There are also many secondary paths which are equally safe. One of them leads to the point called “Vrissi”, approximately 10 kms away, a cavern whose crystal clear waters are used to cover the needs for drinking water of the surrounding villages such as Zourva itself and Lakki. The rest of its waters flows through caverns down to the “Sources” of the Keritis River in Meskla.
Another path leads upwards to “Tromarissa” one of the furthest points on the borers of the Municipality of Platanias, a real “eagle’s nest”, a point of amazing natural beauty!
Last but not least, the road traversing Zourva leads to the East, after approximately 8-10 kms, to Therisso( the historic headquarters of the Revolutionary chief and later Greek Prime Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos) and from Therisso after another 14 kilometres to the City of Hania.
Don’t miss out on visiting this postcard village- there are guest houses and rooms for rent where you can stay and traditional tavernas-cafes where you can enjoy amazing meals cooked with pure local ingredients. Your visit and stay in Zourva will leave you with the feeling that you are on Mount Olympos feasting with the 12 Olympian gods !