Zoodohos Pigi

The very important Byzantine church of Ai Yannis Kyr-Yannis (formal name is Zoodohos Pigi) is on the road to Koufos. It is about 100 metres from the road, set among the orange trees. There is a sign post. The church of Ai Yannis Kyr-Yannis (14C) is a most intriguing and pleasantly situated Byzantine church. It was built on a tenth century church that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1303, and had been influenced by the new Byzantine architectural ideas from Agia Sofia, among others. The church has cruciform architecture and rooms of a smaller height complete the church to form a rectangular shape.
It has a narthex in front separated into three parts which are shorter than the rest of the church. The church had two domes, one at the intersection of the main aisles of the cross and one in the narthex. Around the church there are blind arches of nearly the same height as that of the church. The windows of the church are narrow and long and have the familiar Byzantine brick decorations around the window. Some windows have a column with a column capital so that two spaces to the right and left are created for the light to come in. The back of the church is decorated by two series of windows and blind arches, one above the other.
Inside the church there are remains of marble columns and column heads. Some wall paintings are still visible. The church is tucked away among the orange groves of Kydonia, from which the springtime blossoms’ fragrance is exquisite–the snow-capped Lefka OriRelated links or synonyms complete the scene.