The road running along the north coast from Platanias to Maleme forks off to the left just before entering Maleme. Turn left and follow the road uphill which, after only 3 more kilometers brings you to Xamoudohori. The houses of the village line up on both sides of the country road, “hugs” the hill top and goes off in the opposite direction, among green vineyards, olive groves and tall cypress trees, moving further south into the inland towards Syrili, Zounaki and Deres.
It is a most picturesque village, with a marvelous view of the northern coast of Platanias, a paradise for nature lovers, ideal for peace and relaxation.
Its residents cultivate olive trees and vineyards producing wonderful aromatic wine and extra virgin olive oil. The traditional café in the centre of the village awaits you with local refreshments, coffee and the traditional raki.
The main church is situated on the north eastern side of the village. It is dedicated to Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos and is grandly celebrated on 13 November. In 1870, the first inhabitants of the village, regarding the church as too small and unaware of its archaeological value, tore it down and , in 1935, built the new church in its place.
For the past years Xamoudohori has steadily been expanding with modern homes being built constantly which attract many foreigners not only for holidays but also for their permanent residence