As you drive from Tavronitis to Maleme, just before entering Maleme, you turn right where the sigh shows the way to Vlaheronitissa. After 3 more kms driving up the hill, among dense olive groves, you find yourself in Vlaheronitissa, a very beautiful village built at an altitude of a mere 65m, with lovely white houses surrounded by vineyards, fruit trees and orange groves.
The village resembles a Magistrate or Lord sitting on the hill top, keeping a watchful eye on the whole underlying plain and the coast from Kolymbari to Hania.
The history of the village dates back to Minoan Times as is proven by the ruins of the tombs found in the area. The main church of the village is dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary and is grandly celebrated with feasting, folk music and dancing on7th September. According to a legend, the church was erected on the spot where a vision revealed the existence of a Holy painting originating from the Church of Vlahernes in Konstantinoupolis.
In July the local Cultural Association holds the annual feast in the village attracting thousands of people. The natural beauty of the village and the hospitality of its people is such that you will be amaze