The airport of Maleme

Just before the 2nd World War the English persuaded the inhabitants to surrender land to build a military airport.
The airport of Maleme put the eye the German army in 1941 when they decided to invade Crete from the air by big business “Hermes” or Operation Mercury. The Germans wanted to occupy Maleme airport as this will ensure the ability to land their planes in Crete and disembark troops, heavy weapons and vehicles.
On the first day of battle, planes constantly threw paratroopers, but killed by the brave Cretans, the scanty Greek army and its allies English, Australians and New Zealanders who fought with them.
Proponents of airport many planes shot down with machine guns. The Hill 107 in the next village Vlacheronitissa is remembered because of shocks to the Germans managed from this point.
The second night, however, the German paratroopers occupied Hill 107 and then fell substantially and the entire island of Crete, after residents could no longer resist the Germans constantly sending aid to the island. The brunt of the fighting and the epic resistance of the inhabitants have left indelibly written in the history as symbols of the fight for freedom.