After leaving the town of Alikianos behind, following the upward, winding country road for about 18-20 kilometres, which leads to Sougia on the Southern coast of the island of Crete, we come across a typical mountain village of the Municipality of Platanias , the village of Sebronas. It is a beautiful green village consisting of many neighbourhoods scattered around a little plateau at an altitude of approximately 600 metres. This village of unsurpassed beauty has numerous springs which provide the area with rich water supplies resulting in rich vegetation and great natural beauty with centuries-old plane trees, gigantic chestnut trees and the rich flora it is “buried” in as well as the fertility of the soil.
We recommend you attempt to drive uphill by 4-wheel drive to the top called “Apopigadi” (1100m. altitude). From this point you can enjoy the most marvelous view of the whole North western coast of Hania as well as the Keritis Valley .At Apopigadi you can visit the Holy Temple dedicated to St. John (dating back to 1873 AD). If you attempt this visit on June 23, the feast of the Saint, you can have an incredible time on a specially designed space under huge plane and chestnut trees just below the church.
Your visit to Sebronas cannot be considered complete if you don’t visit the local cafe-taverns in order to taste genuine Cretan recipes cooked with top quality products produced locally: unbelievable dairy products, virgin olive oil, olives, wine, apples, chestnuts etc.
Apart from the feast dedicated to St John on June 23 and the Feast at Apopigadi, another occasion on which to visit Sebronas is on the Feast of St George (April 23 or whenever it is set around Easter) or even on August 29 the day dedicated to the beheading of St John the Baptist- the little church dating back to the 15th century AD which is of monumental value.
In any case, whether it is a feast or an event organized by the Cultural Club of the village, you will be amazed by the wonderful treats generously offered to the visitor by the hospitable people of the village!