Archangel Michael Church (Rotonda) Episkopis

On sloping ground outside the village of Kato Episkopi , Kissamos is built the peculiar early Christian church of the Archangel Michael . It circumcenter , rectangular building , developed around large, stepped outside and mastoid inner dome. East semicircular apse projecting the gradient edge bilobed and large window , surrounded by two domed chambers pastoforia . West of the church ‘s vaulted narthex follows patio and higher level assembly closes with a series of rectangular spaces , which expand on the north side. In the north there is a built pastoforio bank deliberately in front of the niche on the east wall . The mosaic floor of the southern pastoforiou is built cruciform baptismal font . An even greater cruciform baptismal font , which exists today in the narthex seems that was originally installed in the circular space of the church. The temple is decorated with mosaics of flakes , clematis , ivy leaves , fish and context of intersecting circles , which can be dated to the second half of the 6th century , at which time the entire complex was constructed . During the second Byzantine period Crete , the church was used as a cathedral of the Diocese of Kissamos , which moved inland.
Particularly important is the wall paintings surviving fragments in four or five layers . Of these, the initial representation of the Ascension and saints in medallions on the dome of the Evangelist Matthew in the narthex of St. George with votive in southern pastoforio archangel and the conch of the apse , dating to the 7th century .