Recommended daily trips in the municipality of Platanias

Our aim: to give our visitor recommendations on the places worth visiting, how to get there in the shortest way, what there is to see or do at each place. Based on the information given in the first part of this guide book, you can judge for yourself which trips are closer to your personal needs or which ones suit you. Of course, you can plan your own trips.

(Where not mentioned otherwise, any means of transportation can be used. All the trips have been designed with starting point and ending in the town of Platanias. )

Τrack 1
Τrack 2
Τrack 3
Τrack 4
Τrack 5
Τrack 6
Τrack 7
Τrack 8
Τrack 9
Τrack 10
Τrack 11
Τrack 12
Τrack 13
Τrack 14
Τrack 15
Τrack 16
Τrack 17

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