Platanias, at a distance of approximately 10 kms from the city of Hania, to the west of the river Keritis or Iardanos, according to Homer, is a famous tourist resort which attracts thousands of people every year both from Greece and every part of the world. Its history goes back to ancient times as it can be seen from the findings dating from the Hellenistic and Roman Times.
Platanias is very well known for its beaches and crystal clear seas, its tourist facilities, its shops and night life. There are, however, other facts and characteristics relevantly unknown but which are worth getting to know.
1. There is a marvelous 5- km route of exceptional natural beauty leading from the centre of the town to the location called Drakiana. It is a magnificent walk among orange groves and olive groves. It ends in a little forest of plane trees, a park right beside the river, protected from the hot sun rays under the huge plane trees. You can relax here while enjoying coffee or a delicious meal in the traditional taverna. A few metres away you can visit the little chapel of Agios Georgios with its Byzantine frescoes for the restoring of which the Archaeological Department has already got works under way.
2. Ano Platanias, especially the spot called “Viglie”, is particularly impressive. It is like the “acropolis” in ancient cities- dominating the whole rocky vicinity and offering, from the very edge of the cliff on the north eastern side, an uninterrupted view of the sea, the island Thodorou and the whole plain up to the city of Hania.
3. The main church of the village, the one dedicated to Agios Demetrios, celebrated on 26 October and the “German Shelter”situated right below it –used as ammunition depot during the German Occupation- are equally interesting and worth a visit.
4. Platanias is also famous by his football team, the AO Platania struggling from the period 2012-2013 in Superleugue, making the settlement the less populated city that represented in Superleugue.