Palea Roumata

The village consists of 17 smaller settlements clinging to the slopes of the mountains surrounding it. The central settlement is “Arhondika” in the heart of which you can visit the impressive church of Agios Spiridonas, the Monument dedicated to the Resistance of the Greek people against the Nazis, as well as the Palia Roumata Library which was founded in -and has been in full operation since 1944. The village is rich in greenery and has very many paths which have been mapped and are quite safe- a real heaven for nature-lovers. The main ones:

  • The “Vavouledo” ravine. It starts from the settlement called “Vavouledo” and, through a magnificent 3- kilometre path among plane trees and chestnut trees, it leads right to the village centre-to Arhondika. At the very beginning of the ravine you come across the Byzantine church dedicated to Agios Vassilios and to the Holy Cross.
  • The “Lidiano” ravine. This starts in the settlement called “Hamalevri” –where the “Secret School” was- and after crossing the “Vavouledo” ravine, also leads to the centre of the village.
  • The trail which starts in Kefala (Voukolies), passes by the “Teacher’s spring” and, after going through the settlement called “Vroviana”, ends up in “Kafiana” ( All the odd- sounding, impossible to translate, names come from the family name of the founder of the settlement).
Just off the village square there is a “park” with the monumental three-thousand-year-old olive trees. Approximately 200 metres down the road you come to the “Women’s Co-operative of Palea Roumata” called the “Arhondissa” where the local ladies produce delicious, top quality local foods and delicacies as well as artifacts of the Cretan traditional style.
The village square is decorated with the main Church of Agios Spyridonas, the Monument of the Resistance (the acts of Resistance against the Nazi Occupation in World War II brought on retaliation without mercy with the killing of many inhabitants and the burning and ransacking of the village) as well as picturesque, traditional cafes- tavernas.
Relax and enjoy a meal or coffee at the 3 taverns or the 2 coffee shops of the village. You will be amazed both by the prices and the unparalleled tastes!