As you drive away from Skines village towards Omalos turn left at the exit of the village where the road signs show the way to Karanou and Omalos. After about 7 kms uphill on the country road, among rich olive groves and the local flora (plane trees, arbutus, furze, wild pear trees etc) you come to Orthouni.
It is a mountainous village, built at an altitude of 400 m, with very few residents who do their best to preserve tradition and the culture of the land. There are two very old churches in the village : one dedicated to the Virgin Mary which was remodeled and restored in the 19th century, and which is celebrated on 15 August, and one dedicated to the Prophet Elias dating back to the Venetian Era, celebrated on 20 July.
Orthouni is the ideal place for nature lovers due to its rich greenery, the beauty of the mountainous terrain and the many caves, most of which remain unexplored. On the spot called “Moutsoudia”, deep in a forest of cypress trees and holm-oaks, there is a spring and a huge plane tree whose foliage covers an area of over 2 acres- a marvelous, unique monument of nature. On the same spot there is a cave with many interesting chambers with rich décor.