Monumental Olive Tree – Olive Tree Museum of Vouves

The Olive Museum of vouves is located in the Ano Vouves Settlement of the Municipality of Platanias, right next to the Monumental Olive Tree. It was estamblished in 2009 when it was officially opened by His Holiness, the Patriarch Mr Vartholomeos, when Kolymbari was a Municipality and the local Mayor was Mr Polyhronis Polyhronidis.
The Museum is accommodated in a traditional 1800 AD building which retains all the characteristics of a spare but authentic, intelligent and functional polular architecture of a mainly olive oil producing region of the inland of the Municipality of Platanias, with its long tradition in olive growing, where the famous, multi – award winning olive oils of Kolymbari are produced- olive oils which are considered among the best in the world.
The main aim of the Museum is the preservation and distiction of all those elements comprising the Tradition and Culture of our land, which survived through centures, or even thousands of years, an incessant, daily and continuous life relationship with the inhabitants of our region, reached the middle of the previous century and gradually disappeared, not only from their lives, but also from their memory.
The Olive Museum is privileged to be situated right beside the Vouves Monumental Olive Tree, the oldest olive tree in the world, aged 3000 to 5000 years, with a trunk perimeter of 12.50m and a diameter 4.60m. This world famous olive tree is currently visited by approximately 20000 visitors annually and there are expectations for a sharp rise in this number. The tree has officialy been declared (by the no. 603/17-2-1997 resolution of the Regional Governor of Crete) “a preservable monument of Nature due to its aesthetic, ecological and historic during which special branches, “kotini”, were cut for the winners of the Marathon in the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijin Olympics. Furthermore, in 2012 the Mayor of Platanias, Mr John Malandrakis, delivered a “kotinos” to the Greek Olympic Delegation, in order to escort the Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. This gesture sent a message of peace, hope and brotherhood among the peoples of the world.