Nio Horyio

As you approach Voukolies, coming from the direction of Tavronitis, just before entering the village square, the road forks off to the left, crosses the little bridge, and leads into the heart of Nio Horyio, a very picturesque little village “swamped” in greenery, among beautiful orange groves, well preserved flower gardens and many small chapels scattered all over the beautiful countryside. The right side of the village is lined with hills covered in the silver-green of olive groves- they look like sentinels lined up and keeping guard of the village and its people.
Only 1 km after leaving Nio Horyio you come across another amazing little village of the inland : Neriana.
The village rests peacefully on the hillside to the left of the little river which crosses it , along which river there are many tall, bright green-leaved plane trees.
The position of the village, next to the river, makes it very fertile. Products produced here include virgin olive oil, citrus fruit, wine, raki and top quality honey. There is very rich fauna and flora which includes some rare species such as the wild black orchid.
The history of the village goes back to the 16th century, as can be seen by the old church of Agios Ioannis and the graves found there. It is regarded that the village was built during the Turkish Domination , this is why it is built in the same style as Turkish settlements. The remains of a cobbled path of this very style can be seen starting from the village square and leading upwards through the olive groves to the top of the hill.
The visitor of the village can enjoy coffee or beverages in the thick shade of the trailing vine in the yard of the traditional café of the village. There is also a tavern with an outdoor brick oven (the old traditional ovens using wood as fuel) producing food of an unforgettable taste especially with ingredients coming from the vegetable gardens right next to the tavern. You can taste Cretan cuisine delicacies while the children play or ride a pony. This is a visit you will never forget .