Leave the village of Kakopetros behind and follow the country road leading south to Paliohora. As soon as you exit Kakopetros you can see Messavlia on your right, deep down in the ravine. It is a very small mountainous settlement which marks the entrance to the Messavlia-Deliana or Deliana- Messavlia Gorge.
This is one way of accessing the Gorge, for those coming from the southern side of the Municipality of Platanias. The second one is from the north west side, from Deliana village, but this route is uphill so maybe it is more tiring. In any case, the Gorge is worth a visit, especially for nature lovers. It is approximately 5 kms long and you traverse it via a path along the little river flowing along the gorge.
It is a truly remarkable experience as you hike among the vivid colours and the scent of the many specimens of the local flora lining its walls. Halfway along the gorge you come across the little stone chapel dedicated to Agia Paraskevi which attracts many people on the 26th July every year.