After leaving Gerani behind and driving on for another kilometer towards Maleme, the road forks off to the left and the signs direct you to Kontomari village, Kilada and Xirokambi . Another 2 kms of narrow country road leads to the picturesque and heroic village of Kontomari whose history reaches back to the Venetian Dominion and 1200 AD. The other two villages are small but very picturesque.
Both the road leading to it and the Kontomari village itself is full of rich olive groves, orange groves, vineyards and colourful blooming gardens.
Apart from its scenic, natural beauty, the village also has a glorious history: it is one of the villages of the Network of Martyr villages of Greece since, on 2 June 1941, its residents were executed by the barbarian Nazi occupants.
Today Kontomari is steadily developing and turning into a modern settlement retaining its traditional characteristics with many new stone houses being erected but also with the necessary facilities to offer its visitors the holidays of their life.