A village (consisting of 11 settlements) with a long History – one of the Martyr villages of Greece which sacrificed many of its inhabitants in the struggle for Freedom. Evidence of the history of the village can be found on the Monument for the Dead of the War in the centre of the village: The names on the marble plaques reveal the number of the civilians killed by the Nazis- names of women and even of innocent little children! Evidence of the German occupation is also presented by the German powder-magazines which have been sculpted in the rock of the hills next to the village square.
There is a memorial held for the victims of these massacres on the last Sunday of each August.
The village, at a distance of 26 kms. from Platanias, is a crossroads- it is the point where the road connecting Hania to Paleohora intersects the central road connecting the Town of Platanias with Palea Roumata. It is a very scenic village, rich in greenery and water springs. If you take the road leading from the village square to the settlement called “Kotsifiana” for example, either on foot or on a 4-wheel drive, as you go upwards you will be accompanied by the gurgle of cool water coming from countless springs as well as by the thousand of scents and colours of the local flora! If you are lucky enough, you may even see the two pairs of harrier eagles which have survived in the district!
Another amazing route for nature-lovers is the one beginning in “Messavlia”, a small village about two kms away from Kakopetros , on the way to Paleohora. You can cross the gorge starting at this point, follow a trail among rich greenery (plane trees,chestnut trees, wild pear trees etc.), rest for a while at the little church of Agia Paraskevi, and after about 3 more kms. you come to the picturesque, historic village of Deliana.
The Kakopetros ravine and the Papadiana ravine are also worth visiting since they are very scenic and especially beautiful!
Just outside the village you can visit the Byzantine church of the Archangel Michael with significant frescoes of the time.