This is one of the most picturesque orange growing villages of the Keritis River, “drowned” in the green of the orange groves, the olive groves and the huge plane trees. The village is 15 kms. away from Hania and a mere 2 kms from Alikianos. It is situated at the foot of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and has a lot to offer its visitor. The first thing one can enjoy is the incredible natural beauty. Both the village and the road leading into it are lined by orange trees, “decorated” with rich golden-orange fruit, and by gigantic plane trees among which the unique plane tree which does not shed its leaves-unique all over Crete. It is not by chance that the “Feast of Blossomwater” is held here every May , or end of April, the time when the sweet aroma of orange blossoms fills the air.
In the tavernas and cafes of the village the visitor can taste delicious Cretan recipes cooked with pure local products. He/She can also take a walk along the river under the huge plane trees enjoying their cool shade or the cool waters which flow down from the mountain tops where the snow is gradually melting. One can also buy products made by the members of the local Cultural Club.
Another spot worth visiting is the central Church of the village. It is a two-aisle church : one is dedicated to the Ascenssion of Christ and the second one to St. Pandeleimonas, the Doctor-Saint who is said to cure all ailments . On the 26th of July a big Feast is held there in honour of the Saint with traditional Cretan music and dancing as well as plenty of food and wine.
The church also attracts visitors’ attention due to the fact that it has 3 domes.
Another church worth visiting is a chapel situated near the top of a hill just outside the village. It is dedicated to Agios Konstantinos and on the 21st of May all the young people of the village organize an excursion there and have a great feast! Don’t miss out –join them, but you can only go up by 4X4 or on foot. It’s worth it, though! Last but not least: nature lovers can enjoy two very special routes on foot. They both start at the centre of the village One leads to the south, moving parallel to the river and after 2-3 kms comes to the village of Meskla where the source of the Keritis river is. The second one, also parallel to the river, moves in a North easterly direction and comes to Alikianos. Both of them are unsurpassed: they help you relax and refresh body and soul!