Museum of Sea and Fishery Tradition

Traditional tools have been “trained” hard in the hands of our fishermen. Fishing boats, ancient anchros, harpoons and other means are now resting in our Museum, giving us the ability of deep thoughts on identification and memory.
We continue our tour in the depths of our Seas to admire and know many of their secrets through a rich collection of fish, shells, corals, sponges, sea urchins and other aquatic organisms.
In the multiple activity hall and in the stonebuilt amphitheatre we host different kinds of events under the beautiful Cretan sky and next to the charming sea of Kolymbari.
We walk in the courtyard of the museum where we can see small and big fishing boats. Here the visitor can rest in the kiosk of the Museum and buy souvenirs

The Foundation of the Museum

The “Museum of Sea and Fishery Tradition” of Kolymbari started in 2000 and tis condstruction was fished in 2001. It embarked on its journey in August 2005 and it travels along anyone who wishes to be familiar with a very special area of our cultural heritage, trough its exhibits and collections.

Goal of the Museum.

The Museum’s goal is not only to keep the memory of fishing tradition alive. Through various activities and programs it offers knowledge and entertainment. It inspires us by drawing on our cultural heritage and tradition. It also helps the development of other professional activities.