Sea Side Villages


Platanias, at a distance of approximately 10 kms from the city of Hania, to the west of the river Keritis or Iardanos, according to Homer, is a famous tourist resort […]


After leaving behind the town of Platanias and driving westwards along the coast for another 10 kms. you come to the seaside town of Kolymbari lying peacefully in the Kolymbari […]


As you drive along the seaside road, 4 kms. after Platanias and 6 kms. before reaching the town of Kolymbari, you find yourself in a modern little town of the […]


Gerani is a seaside village, where the Town Hall of the Municipality of Platanias is situated. The village is 14 kms away from the city of Hania and only 1 […]