A very short route parallel to the river, next to the tall plane trees, to the accompaniment of the cool , crystal clear waters brings you, after approximately 4 kms, […]


As we leave Bapiolos and Psathogiannos behind we follow the winding country road downhill through olive and orange groves. After approximately 3 kms. we reach a river lined with huge […]


Every spot in the Municipality of Platanias is a little surprise for its visitor and creates a pleasant memory which brings him/her back for a 2nd , 3rd or umpteenth […]


As we drive away from Alikianos and move deeper into the heart of the inland of Platanias we come across three little villages literally “swamped” in the green and the […]


After leaving behind the truly remarkable village Lakki, and moving on South towards the famous Omalos Plateau, after 5-6 kilometres we come across a right turn which leads to the […]


After traversing the village of Kalidonia, go south for another 2 kms and you find yourself in the village of Nohia. The name is first mentioned in the 1570 AD […]