As you drive from Tavronitis to Maleme, just before entering Maleme, you turn right where the sigh shows the way to Vlaheronitissa. After 3 more kms driving up the hill, […]


As you reach the centre of Tavronitis ,coming from the direction of Maleme, turn left and follow the road signs leading south towards Voukolies. Approximately 2 kms away the road […]


When traversing the Keritis River valley, with its marvelous orange groves, heading north towards Platanias from the direction of Agia village, you come across the small but scenic village Patelari. […]


This is one of the most picturesque orange growing villages of the Keritis River, “drowned” in the green of the orange groves, the olive groves and the huge plane trees. […]


The road leading upwards from the “Sources” in Meskla brings us, after approximately 6-7 kms, to one of the most picturesque mountain villages of the Platanias Inland: Zourva. It is […]


After leaving the town of Alikianos behind, following the upward, winding country road for about 18-20 kilometres, which leads to Sougia on the Southern coast of the island of Crete, […]


2 kilometres after leaving the village of Skines and driving towards Nea Roumata, we come across another picturesque mountain village of the Municipality of Platanias: Prasses. Just a little before […]