East Mainland Villages


When traversing the Keritis River valley, with its marvelous orange groves, heading north towards Platanias from the direction of Agia village, you come across the small but scenic village Patelari. […]


This is one of the most picturesque orange growing villages of the Keritis River, “drowned” in the green of the orange groves, the olive groves and the huge plane trees. […]


The road leading upwards from the “Sources” in Meskla brings us, after approximately 6-7 kms, to one of the most picturesque mountain villages of the Platanias Inland: Zourva. It is […]


Every spot in the Municipality of Platanias is a little surprise for its visitor and creates a pleasant memory which brings him/her back for a 2nd , 3rd or umpteenth […]


As we drive away from Alikianos and move deeper into the heart of the inland of Platanias we come across three little villages literally “swamped” in the green and the […]


After leaving behind the truly remarkable village Lakki, and moving on South towards the famous Omalos Plateau, after 5-6 kilometres we come across a right turn which leads to the […]


This is one more “orange growing” village, “hidden “in the green of orange groves which the visitor comes across when leaving Alikianos behind and heading Southwest to the inland. It […]