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Municipality of Platanias | a small image of Greece !

platanias Dear visitor, The Municipality of Platanias, extending over 495 sq. kms, is the largest in the regional unit of Hania. It has a population of 18,000 and stretches from the northern coast of the island to the entrance of the Samaria Gorge and the proud peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in the south. To the west it reaches up to Kolymbari and Cape Spada. It came from the merging of four former municipalities: Voukolies, Kolymbari, Moussouri and Platanias. Its headquarters are in Gerani.

It is a municipality which, apart from its worldwide fame as a tourist resort, has a lot more which make it special and attractive. The seaside area is the main tourist region with facilities which make your stay especially comfortable and full of unforgettable experiences.

What is relatively unknown is its marvelous inland with the astounding natural beauty, the monuments, the significant history and the cultural events.

The municipality, apart from its 60 or more main villages, has numerous small settlements scattered all over it, adorning the countryside, each adding its special tone to the scenery.

The inhabitants, especially the ones living inland, are extremely hospitable, with strong religious sentiment, very proud both of their beautiful home land and of the sacrifices of their ancestors in order to retain its freedom. That is why this booklet makes such frequent references to churches, chapels and religious feasts as well as monuments of the people who gave their lives fighting during the Turkish Domination and the German Occupation.

Regarding the religious feasts, we give you the date of the celebration. The real celebration and the feasting , however, generally takes place on the previous day ,the Eve, after the “esperinos”- the evening prayer. Where no date is mentioned- whether for a religious feast or a cultural event- this means either that it is a movable one or there is no set date but a new one is set every year. We recommend a visit to our churches and the religious feasts not necessarily because you are a fan of religion but because it is a part of our culture.

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